What IS the Green Christmas Marketplace?

The Green Christmas Marketplace is a unique gift guide that highlights ethical, sustainable businesses with thoughtful shoppers to provide some of the most beautiful, useful, interesting, and delicious gifts available each Christmas.

How does this work? Do I buy the products right here?


The Green Christmas Marketplace is like a gift guide. It features ethical, sustainable businesses and points you toward their shops, which is where you do your actual shopping.

However, we seek to provide plenty of information about each business, as well as a sneak peek into some of their products, so that you can get to know the business itself and effectively find gifts you know you would love to give.

To purchase a product, simply click through to that business or shop. They will collect your payment and take care of shipping the item(s) to you.

How can I find out when the Green Christmas Marketplace happens each year?

To find out when the new Marketplace collection is ready each year, just fill out this form.

I have/know of a shop that would fit so well in the Marketplace! How can I let you know?

We would LOVE to know about it! We very carefully vet each and every business we feature so you know the businesses listed here are well-aligned with our mission: to highlight ethical, sustainable shops and connect them with thoughtful shoppers.

To let us know about a shop, please fill out the Contact Us form at NourishingJoy.com. We'll need to know the URL (the web address) of the shop, in addition to whatever you would like us to know about it.

Please also know that the shop must have a way of collecting payment from customers. We are legally and ethically unable to collect payment on your behalf. We do the marketing, you do the selling. đŸ™‚

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