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Founded by owner Jess in 2013, Pronounce Skincare & Herbal Boutique has become a household favorite in thousands of homes across the globe. Jess’s mission has always been DIY or buy, which is why you can find recipes for many of her products on her popular blog. You can even purchase all of the certified organic raw materials needed for these recipes in her Herbal Boutique.

Rather buy? She loves turning her recipes into finished products for you! Pronounce Skincare…always handcrafted with certified organic ingredients that you can…pronounce!


Jess started Pronounce Skincare in 2013 after her infant son “Mr. O” experienced skin issues and allergies that prompted her to look a bit more closely at the products she was using on his, and her own, body. Frustrated that she wasn't able to pronounce many of the ingredient names on products (who really needs those toxic fillers on their skin!??), Jess started researching. It quickly became apparent that the ingredients which will nourish our skin the best come directly from Mother Nature. Jess believes that the ingredients we use on (and inside of!) our bodies is so important. She found that the most nourishing ingredients were easy to pronounce. It was an easy decision for her to start creating her own natural products, while blogging about eating healthy, wellness, and sharing hundreds of her new DIY skincare recipes. Jess was on a mission to help people understand that it's easy to eliminate unsavory, often toxic, and unpronounceable ingredients from your life, and your skincare products!

At the urging of friends and family, Jess began selling the products she was creating and was almost immediately overwhelmed by demand. She dropped out of a PhD program to devote her time and energy to researching, creating, and sharing her recipes and finished products, as she had discovered her real passions in life! Though she started developing and creating in her own kitchen, within one year that was no longer a viable option and she moved into a small workspace outside of her home. In the next three years, Jess successively outgrew each space and had to move. In November of 2017 she moved into a brand new space in Bloomington, IN where she welcomes in customers daily, while packing and shipping her goods all across the globe. She's even starting DIY skincare classes in her new retail store!

Jess handcrafts each product, from scratch, with only the most high quality ingredients. Her products range from beautiful Body Butters (the first product she made for her son) to Aftershave Spray to Body & Hand Lotions to Salves to an entire 4-step Total Face System, which is loved by hundreds of faces! Her popular Makeup Package gives customers a new choice for natural Facial Foundation and Facial Powder, that's truly clean. She offers several gift sets, so you are sure to find something for everyone on your list at Pronounce Skincare & Herbal boutique. Head over to the Pronounce Skincare Shop and see all of her beautiful offerings.

Prefer to create your own skincare goodies? Jess has got you covered with loads of free recipes, plus all of the raw ingredients you'll need are available for purchase in her Herbal Boutique. From certified organic carrier oils to butters to waxes to herbs, you'll be pleased to find the one-stop-shop for DIY skincare ingredients.

Jess's business model really is a win-win for wellness searchers: She's made DIY, handcrafted skincare readily available by providing free recipes on her blog and supplying raw recipe ingredients in her Herbal Boutique… or simply head over to the Pronounce Skincare Shop to purchase quality handcrafted organic skincare treatments for you and yours.

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