The Real Pantry

The Real Pantry handcrafts organic real food pantry goods that make your life easier and tastier without having to make it yourself. We have 6 varieties of real food spice blends, a line of handcrafted decadent vanilla sugars, and pre-made baking mixes made with the ancient grain Einkorn.

All of our products are free from preservatives, additives, soy, MSG, GMOs, or any artificial flavors and colors.



The Real Pantry is a small, mom-owned business dedicated to providing high quality, handcrafted real food products that you can trust and feel good about eating. Although homemade is always the best option, it's not always the most realistic in a busy schedule. As a mother of three with a growing business, I understand more than ever the constant pull and juggling act it takes to balance work-life-children-home. The Real Pantry was born because I wanted to create a line of pantry goods that met the “homemade taste” standard but made people's lives a whole lot easier.

The Real Pantry isn't just for the busy mom though; it's for the person who wants to eat healthier but lacks the knowledge of mixing herbs and spices together to make their food taste good. It's for the person who works late and needs simple meals that taste good. It's for the budding foodie, the hardworking student, and the newlywed couple. The Real Pantry fits perfectly into the real lives of ordinary people who all are just looking for something that tastes good, is good for them, and makes their life easier.

Although all of The Real Pantry products contain high-quality, sustainably sourced organic ingredients, I really like to emphasize the fact that all of the ingredients you find in my products are REAL ingredients; things you can pronounce and essentially go pick up at the grocery store to make it yourself. All of my spice blends are blended with just organic herbs and spices – no sugar, dairy, soy, wheat, corn, or MSG is ever added to them. My vanilla sugar line uses only real organic cane sugar instead of GMO sugar beets. My baking mix line uses organic einkorn flour, along with aluminum-free baking powder and unrefined sea salt. Einkorn is the original wheat making it much easier to digest, and it has over 30% more protein than modern wheat varieties.

Everything I do with The Real Pantry is carefully thought out to provide the highest quality products for you and your family to enjoy without having to worry about all the additives found in most commercially made foods. So yes, you CAN have Ranch at your table without worrying about all the weird ingredients found in the store-bought packs. You CAN have waffles for breakfast that freeze well and isn't loaded with preservatives or enriched flour. You CAN do Taco Tuesday without the whole slew of toxic ingredients found in store-bought seasoning. The Real Pantry makes it possible for you to enjoy the flavors you love without the ingredients you don't!

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